Flat tax Bulgaria

The main attraction of Bulgaria is its 10 percent flat rate of corporation tax. The Balkan nation also operates a global tax regime, which means that its tax residents pay the same ultra-low 10 percent rate on their worldwide income.

The most usual form for registration of a company in Bulgaria is a limited liability company. This can take the form of a single-founder EOOD or, in the case of two or more founders, the OOD.

The minimum share capital is just €1. We can also provide you with a registered office, as well as nominee shareholder and manager services. 

Forming a company

We can form your company remotely if you are outside Bulgaria. You must, however, have your company documents notarised at a Bulgarian diplomatic mission. 

We will then submit your formation package to the Commercial Register. Formation of the company normally takes around a week. Obviously, the process is much quicker if you can visit Bulgaria.

On request, we can also arrange bank account opening and take care of your VAT registration. We can also offer accounting and legal services.

Digital nomad strategy

We think Bulgaria is the ideal base for the digital nomad. Nonetheless, you must bear in mind the importance of taking professional advice in both your home country and Bulgaria before you make any move. This is particularly true for any high net-worth individuals based in high-tax jurisdictions.

But, if you are willing to relocate from a high-tax jurisdiction in western Europe, the tax savings are substantial. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs with a plan for a start-up.

Moreover, social security and private health insurance costs are much lower than in the UK, Germany or France – again, another major saving. 

For those of you who are plotting a move to Bulgaria, we can introduce you to our network of reliable estate agents. We can also arrange high-quality rented accommodation at short notice.

In summary, we believe that Bulgaria makes sense whether you are looking for a few years’ respite from high taxes to build up a nest egg, or want to join the ranks of today’s long-term digital nomads.


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Key facts

• Europe's lowest tax rate of just 10 percent

• low start-up cost

• possible route to a new tax residency

• attractive holding regime

there is no requirement to spend a minimum amount of time in Bulgaria in order to secure long-term residency