The perfect trading location

Cyprus offers one of the EU’s lowest corporate tax rates at just 12.5 percent. This, a business-friendly tax authority and the opportunities to engage in solid tax structuring all mean that investors can achieve a much lower effective tax than even this low headline rate.

Alongside these advantages, this offshore hotspot is also an EU member state, benefits from multiple double-taxation agreements and operates an OECD-compliant tax regime. In other words, the island nation has all the advantages of a traditional offshore tax jurisdiction with none of the disadvantages.

Competitive pricing

Thanks to our extensive contacts, we are confident that we can help you establish a Cyprus-based structure that meets your tax planing and privacy needs.

In short, we can put together a highly attractive, competitively priced package comprising a Cypriot company, bank account, VAT registration and a virtual or physical office space at a moment’s notice.

More than a trading base

In addition, to its attractiveness as an EU trading base, the island offers an extremely attractive holding company regime with – as a broad rule – zero withholding on dividends.

Also noteworthy is Cyprus' i.p. holding regime, which offers effective protection for rights holders’ interests thanks to both local legislation and Cyprus' participation in international agreements.

In summary, a Cyprus company can meet the needs of entrepreneurs looking to trade onshore within the EU, i.p. rights holders, and corporates looking to set up holding or finance structures.


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Key facts

• low corporation tax of just 12.5 percent

• swift incorporation

• perfect EU trading jurisdiction

• attractive i.p. and patent regime

• well-developed company law

entrepreneurs can achieve a much lower effective tax than the official headline rate