England and Wales

Same-day set-up and UK banking

The private limited company is the most popular form of incorporation in the UK, and we offer a same-day formation service with a guaranteed banking facility.

As a jurisdiction, the UK offers low start-up costs, swift incorporation and a well-developed company law.

Most UK limited companies are ‘limited by shares’, which means the total liability of the company’s shareholders is capped at the value of the shares they own but have not yet paid for. What is more, a company's share capital can be as low as just £1.

Simple formalities

The process for forming a limited company is simple and takes just a few hours. We will register your company online with Companies House and inform the UK tax authority that you have started trading. In addition, your company must register for VAT, if it expects turnover to exceed £83,000 per annum. 

In order to form a company, you need just one director and one shareholder. The same person can fill both roles.

As part of our low-cost incorporation package, we can also offer you a great deal on a registered office, a full company secretarial service and introductions to professional advisers.

Guaranteed UK banking

Although opening a limited company in the UK is straightforward, much less simple is the process of securing a bank account. 

UK residents are normally best advised to approach their existing bank in order to cut the delays involved in making an appointment to open an account.

Bank facility for non-resident directors

The situation for non-UK residents is much more complex. UK banks are often reluctant to open accounts at all without evidence of a UK address and credit history.

But thanks to our contacts, we are uniquely placed to offer banking facilities to both existing limited companies and those opened by other formation agents.

In conclusion, the UK limited company is living proof that London is open for business. The country’s excellent transport links, reliability as a commercial centre, not to mention same-day company formations make the UK well worth considering as a base for your business.


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Key facts

• low corporation tax of just 20 percent

• sameday incorporation

• low start-up costs

• attractive i.p. and patent regime

• well-developed company law

the total liability of the company’s shareholders is capped at the value of the shares they own but have not yet paid for